Eternal Hunting Ground

A vision quest on Wisdom

Indians Native American

List of contents:

Native Quest
Wisdom of the Clan-Leader
Wisdom of a Hopi-girl
Future picture
Wife of the old clan leader


The Eternal hunting Grounds

As on earth and in heaven the people
are bound by their duty to the life
they are making to the full of it.

As mother nature,
grants us a body to
fulfill our duty to the Lord Creator

As the sun gives us light
to heal our souls and to grant
as worldpeace as we deserve.

May our brothers on earth
share their life with us
to hunt for prey
to harvest for fruits and vegetables.

May our sisters on earth
share their friendship with us
for their loving care and
emotional support

May our fathers and mothers
teach us how to become adults
ourselves. and to be of profit
for our society.

May our elderly people share
our bond with earth and sun
and by governing make our
societies peacefull.

May our children give their
emotional love and to
take our lead when we are old.

May our race be among the ones
that govern earth and share the
daylight to ensure our position.

May all people under the sun,
live as in unity and share the
breath of life. Towards a future
sharing all grace with all who
are human and worth for society to live.

For our lives are in reality
and our lives as in reality
share human existence,
human appearance,
and human goals.


The Eternal hunting Grounds

The eternal hunting grounds as the
promised reward for indians to receive
the direct blessing of serving the Lord Creator.

The eternal hunting ground,
At becoming adult the deeds are counted
and only the full duty towards the
society, the reality and the Lord Creator
grants this prize.

The eternal hunting grounds,
Who chooses to step in the line
of the duty to the forefathers.

The eternal hunting grounds,
by living in reality as the
sun shines on all.

May we become adult
and become a part of the society.

May we become adult
by the quest telling us
our special animal guarding
and guiding.

May we become adult
and receive the weapon
choosen for us by the elders.

May we become adult
and receive the status
of our place in the hierarchy.

The eternal hunting grounds,
We receive the blessing of
prey, every day to feed our
mothers, fathers, children
and elders.

The eternal hunting grounds,
We daily look to the sun
and greet her as the mother
of light

The eternal hunting grounds,
We daily drink water
as the life energy of mother earth.

The eternal hunting grounds,
We greet in great esteem
the Father Lord Protector.
Who grants us life and happiness.

The eternal hunting grounds,
We greet our faith and our daily struggle
for carrying the burden of
both pain, suffer and the law
of giving meaning to life.

The eternal hunting grounds,
May we become part of
society, reality and service
to the Lord Creator.

Native Quest

The Eternal hunting Grounds

As i was a child in the home of my parents,
The soldiers fighting with eaze the
predators keeping away.

As i was a child and the food of my mother
was a daily routine, to grow into
the position of the society.

As i was a child and was learned
the borderr of adulthood is the
difference between playing and working.

Making life being serious,
without the playground of
having to care about none.

As the border of world,
is by a vision quest,
the proof of having the role in society.

As this quest tells the clan
and the tradition this child is
to be a soldier, to be a nurse,
or to be neglected.

As this quest tells the clan
and the tradition this child is
guided by the hawk, the wolf
or de lion.

As the guidance of the lion,
tells this one is clan leader,

As the guidance of the wolf,
tells this one is a soldier,

As the guidance of the hawk,
tells this one protects the clan.

For this quest was on the trail
of my life, and was the insurance
to be part of the clan and the daily work.

As this quest, when done,
all the officials and respected ones
gathered and were in clothes of worth.
As the clothes only used at special meetings.

As this quest was done,
and they told,
Neither a lion, neither a hawk,
neither a wolf, as a spirit rider
you are above.

You live with heart and soul,
making you a messenger of the gods.
May they whisper peace in your ears,
and grant you sunlight in words,
and silver in your deeds.

May thy wherever you go,
Give a message of peace,
and a blessing of all grounds.

Give message about the birthgrounds,
being our land of ancestors,
from ancient times where we were granted
the place on earth by right.

As this message is about peace,
of all species living together
as a family granting respect
to all the living and all the tradition.
For peace gives happiness.

Wisdom of the clan-leader

The Eternal hunting Grounds

I found the nature to have duty each moment
every moment after each other.
As the walk of a million miles
made by one step after each other.

I was being ordealed by the father
of the duty of daily life.

I was being ordealed by the mother
of treating all others nice.

Each day, in the morning i woke up
and greeted both sun and earth
for light and life.

Each day, in the evening i felt
satisfied with my completed task.

As i lived from being young
to being old, the peace of life
was always in my sight.

As life was each day another day
as counted to the full of life.

The clan-leader said,
do your daily job sincere
and chances are added to your life.

The clan-leader said,
do you daily job without longing for a mate,
as the Creator grants one in sight of a
sincere living job and life.

The clan-leader said,
Goodness is a word to be studied,
as its more than just one meaning.

The clan-leader said,
Virtue is a word even being in
the sight of only the gods
as being legal and just.

The clan-leader said,
Don't count days with sunlight
but count the days with the light of the soul.

The clan-leader said,
Getting old, is something happens
without the prerequisite of having worries.

The clan-leader said,
The full of life, is just one moment,
and taking it each after each other
meets the goal of life, as in own hands.

The clan-leader said,
The eternal hunting grounds,
are avaialable to all meeting this
virtues, goodness, faith, sincere duties.

The clan-leader said,
Each person not fullfilling his duty in life,
is not granted the blessing of the
eternal hunting grounds.

Wisdom of a Hopi-Girl

The Eternal hunting Grounds

As the girl was born into a family of native americans
the indian girl as her name was 'lions-cub'
translated from a different language
And she was from the hopi tribe.

She was a wise girl as she used
intuition as her guide,
and had a bond with mother Earth.
called her Goddess.

She was a wise girl saying these

Keep your attention in your heart
from being a girl or boy able
to discern life.

Serve your duty always,
to your parents, society or tradition
as one grows with merit of them all.

As one serves, one deserves,
chances, respect and status.

For a girl to be as tradition tells
a virgin lady or spokesperson of tradition
becomes a saint which ever tradiation one
belongs too.

For a girl to be as tradition tells
choose a virtue and keep for years,
as one begets the fruit of goodness
when devotion prolongs time.

The hopi girl taught the
tribe, not to seek relationship
as the gods give notice.

The hopi girl taught the
tribe, not to seek relationship
as happiness grants it spring water
for those in celibate vow.

The hopi girl taught the
tribe, the true love is with
same vows appointed,
and even at large distance
the gods give peace,
for no worries about
lifepartner, children
and all the seeking avoiding suffer.

The hopi girl taught the
tribe, The true love
one attains in heaven,
as the prize after a
long life of grace.


The Eternal hunting Grounds

As the stranger was visiting our birth grounds,
He foretold the demise of our bond with earth.

As the stranger was visiting our birth grounds,
He foretold the bond with earth would no longer exist,
As food was not given by earth but by the supermarket,
As clothing was not given by the female-indians but by the clothing store.

As the stranger foretold,
Our stories of the clan-leader, of our tradition
will vanish in the new times of technology.
As the stories of our tradition,
The hunters, the farmers, no more will they seek prey,
will they harvest for corn.

As the stranger foretold,
Our bond with earth, will no longer be special
and one of a kind, making us use intuition
making us use the information of Earth to
use our lives to be one, to be one with earth.

As many traditions, cultures, religions
have a place on this orb of humanity,
And as some know, not by weapons we will disappear
but by the use of technology, the use of greed.
For they took our gold and made it to a capital possesion.
For they took our land, and sold it at trade level.
For they took our tradition and brought us to a refugee area.

The stranger foretold,
No longer synchronicity of Earth,
we appear at the right time at the right place,
No longer our bond, our tradition.
As we were a living prosperous civilisation
and were overtaken.

Future picture

The Eternal hunting Grounds

As the native americans
The clan leaders had seen the famine
and the overpowering coming.
They had the wisdom. That one day
when the people from europe would leave
their race of indians would one day
be again on their part of the world
the homeground filled with children
girls longing for friendship
and the elderly smoking the peacepipe.

as the native americans one day
will be the leading kind again
of their original birth grounds.

As these native americans
the clan leaders, the indians
foresaw to bend is better than to be broken.

And even when all looks as being in demise
or being lost in the track of time.
Non any of their kind existing anymore
that even then the gods can from one
leave and from one flower create the
whole again.

The clan leaders, did see this wisdom,
and some of them fought for their lives,
other agreed on trade agreements,
most of them even were brought to
their refuge or sanctuary.

As these indians, all who were
adult were as we are with a job in
service for the society.

As these indians, all who were
children, were looking for their
interest in life to receive a place
being recognized by the elderly.

As these indians, all who were
elderly, with their wisdom
answered all questions, beyond
normal matters.

As these indians,
were brought to the place of
captivity, they all were in fear.
but one day their kind will
shine with their traditions.

Traditions of agriculture,
of hunting, of exchanging artifacts.

gold has no value,
power and hierarchy are
depending on wisdom and not fame.
childeren learn to fullfill
their duties and to grow in
the respect of their parents.

they saw one day they
would exist again,
their homegrounds as their property,
their traditions as genuine.
There birthgrounds for all
mature girls and boys to
be blessed with the laughter
and to be blessed with the jokes
of the small ones.

one day as a picture in the
future, their language will
be spoken again.

Wife of the Old clan leader

The Eternal hunting Grounds

As the wife of the old clanleader was in
contemplation of nature.

The wonders of the natural world,
The grass growing, the trees in the wind.

The waters ever fresh and pure,
the animals as prey every existing.
As the goal of the indian legacy.

The eternal hunting grounds,
as they hunt for deer, bison
and other animals to have food
to have clothes, to have a tent.

The wife of the old clanleader
was in contemplation of life

All people search and seek for
their destiny, and their goal in life.
As they seek happiness, peace, or fame.

As they seek, lifepartner and children,
or the fame in the eyes of the leading
council as the succesfull hunter.

The wife of the old clanleader was
in wonder about existence.

Children learning how to cope
with problems, hardship.
as well the fruits of all
good things, happiness, joy.
As they as teenagers learn
to have friendship in a genuine way.

The wife of the old clanleader was
in wonder about the lifepurpose

As this purpose to be part of
society, as earth has a total
hierarchy of all creatures.
and each creature has a life
consciousness and the soul of its

As the purpose of life is
to learn the important value
of what life means.

Some search in a path
well known by all others

others search the path
of a special kind,
as mountainclimbing
can be difficult and
not all attend.

The wife of the old clanleader
saw, as a young man or female
not searching for friendship or love
they will meet their Creator.

As all languages, know this
godhead, power, or spirit
The Creator.

The wife of the old clanleader
saw, as one abjects friendship
one has the freedom to seek
other purposes in life,
and with no bond to others
the path to realisation is free.

As obligation is by bond,
as the reward is in different ways.
as this old wife of the clan leader saw.

With a lifepartner one enters the
spiritual hierarchy, fighting
for status, territorium, life
and its needs.

One without has no place in the
hierarchy, with no fighting.
and the blessing of the
consciousness the angels and
childrens have.

As children are bound to
the responsability of their
parents.Until the age of adults.
They are not yet in hierarchy.

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